I'm a software engineer and interface designer at Circul8tion and a full time student at the Univerisity of Iowa in the Computer Science program.   I've lived in Iowa City for 15 of the last 20 years, with a five year stint in Portland, Oregon, where I worked as as a field supervisor and lead programmer at one of the largest market research firms in the Pacific Northwest.

Professional Stuff

The company website is severely overdue for a redesign, but I haven't had the time.  Currently we're deploying client applications on NodeJS with MongoDB or Postgres backends.  Active work include the use of a mix of dedicated or virtual servers for dynamic page generation, Amazon Web Services for computation and storage, and everything accelerated by CDN.  My principal role at Circul8tion is to define application standards and architecture to meet client demands, and then oversee implementation and deployment.

We are branching into more of a Big Data collection and analysis consulting firm, rather than a design firm.  While we still do site deployments, they are primarily intended to serve as peices in the larger information system.

I've also been working at the University of Iowa's Computational Epidemiology Lab (CompEpi) on projects involving protocol reverse-engineering and embedded systems.  Currently we are working with Internal Medicine on using fitness trackers (fitbit) to monitor post-surgical patient recovery, and Pediatric Urology

Academic Stuff

As I prepare for postgraduate work I am focusing more on Big Data theory and solving various large-scale distributed problems which will be of vital importance to a healthy and robust Internet of Things (IoT)

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